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Visual Art Design Using Generative AI

Visual Art Design Using Generative AI

Paperback $69.99


Visual Art Design Using Generative AI explores AI’s role in art, offering tutorials, case studies, and insights on ethical and legal aspects for artists and enthusiasts. 

This is an illuminating guide that dives into the synergy between artificial intelligence and artistic creation. This book is perfect for artists, designers, writers, and enthusiasts eager to explore AI’s vast potential in the art world. It covers the fundamentals of generative AI, showcases various AI platforms, and provides practical tutorials and inspiring case studies.

The book emphasizes the importance of crafting effective AI prompts, blending traditional artistic principles with innovative AI techniques. Additionally, it delves into the ethical, legal, and societal implications of AI-generated art, addressing originality, copyright, and the evolving role of artists. With insights from leading artists and practical exercises, this book is both a comprehensive manual and a source of inspiration, encouraging readers to experiment and create art that resonates with their unique voice and vision.




Picture of Marcus Ledergerber

Marcus Ledergerber

Marcus Ledergerber plays a pivotal role in the ongoing evolution of digital technology. As an eDiscovery expert deeply engaged with technology, he passionately merges his interests in innovation and digital art, making notable contributions to AI design. His understanding of how to apply artificial intelligence in various fields marks him as a pioneer in teaching about AI's transformative effects on art. In his book, Visual Art Design Using Generative AI, Marcus introduces readers to the fascinating world of art created using generative AI. This book provides guidance, ideas, and practical examples for artists who are actively exploring AI as a powerful technology to augment creative expression.

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